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Welcome to MyLuckyStars Main Coon Cattery

A TICA and CFA Registered Cattery

Way back in the beginning our first Maine Coon was a black smoke rescue named "Mouse", given that name by our then 5 year old son. Like all cat people it starts with one, then add a second, and a while later a then I guess you know where this is headed.....Our two legged children grew up, left home and our four legged Maine Coon children have taken over our home and our lives. Bedrooms have been converted for the cats, cat trees and ping pong balls have replace Barbies and baseballs.

Our cats live under foot with protected access to the outside. As husband and wife we share responsibilities of caring for and nurturing our kittens. He gets to feed and organize the cattery and she gets to play with and show the cats. (who has more fun in this scenario???).

Cindi has taken G1 and G2 courses thru the education system in Pawpeds in order to broaden her knowledge of cats, genetics and animal husbandry. Some of the topics covered are common sense things we tend not to think about, so the courses give you a fresh perspective on old information while providing new information invaluable to a successful breeder. 

The TICA show halls have become a second home since April 2014. We can now claim two Regional Winning Supreme Grand Champions, Regional Winning Quadruple Grand Champion, several Grand Champions and Champions. For the 2019-2020 show year our RW SGC MyLuckyStars Akahannas Engoni is ranked fourteenth internationally and number one regionally! Quite a feat for a girl!!! Our goal is to show most all of our breeding cats at least to Champion in order to have multiple sets of eyes look at our cats . This will help us ensure we are breeding to the breed standard and not breeding Rick and Cindi's version of a Maine Coon. Not every cat or kitten belongs in the show hall though, if they aren't happy showing, then won't have to. The cats that demonstrate a good example of the breed standard while having fun in the show are the cats that will travel and participate. A great place to gain knowledge, insight and make wonderful friends is definitely in the show hall! 

Our breeding cats in our cattery are DNA Tested thru University California Davis or Optimal Selection for HCM, SMA and PKdef. These diseases are known to be found in the Maine Coon Breed. We are currently having our cat's echocardiograms performed by the cardiologist at Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas. 

All kittens leaving our home will receive checkups with our veterinarian. Between 12 and 16 weeks, after approval from our vet, our kittens are allowed to go to their new family. We require each new owner to have their kitten seen by their vet within 72 hours to verify the kitten's health. 

Please visit our FAQ page for more information. Enjoy our site!   


                                                                                                             Rick & Cindi Buettner

                                                                                                                Moore, OK

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