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11.20.2023 At this time we have a limited amount of available kittens. Please contact Rick at 405.794.9914 for more inofrmation.

Our plan is to breed our beautiful Charlot to Percy in early December for babies to be born in February. Should be a be a beautiful litter! 

11.01.2023 Some of our pet families prefer to skip the kitten stage and go home with and a retired breeding adult. Our adult girls have one to 3 litters after which they retire. When they are spayed we search for the perfect home for these ladies to live out their lives as the princesses they are meant to be with all the love and attention they so deserve. Going to their new homes they will have been spayed, shots up to date as well as the testing we do during their breeding. If this sounds like a possibility for your family please complete the application stating what you are interested in and we will get back with you. 

11.01.2023 Sometimes people get confused about why a kitten cost so much... I found this post on facebook that addresses this in a way that struck me....


POTENTIAL OWNER: How much is the kitten?

BREEDER: 1500-3500

POTENTIAL OWNER: What?? It's way too expensive!!

BREEDER: What do you think would be a reasonable price?

POTENTIAL OWNER: No more than 800. You breeders are so overpriced.

BREEDER: I am sorry you see it this way; why don't you try it yourself?

POTENTIAL OWNER: But I've never done it!

BREEDER: For FREE, I can teach you how to do it, and you will also have the knowledge to do it again.

POTENTIAL OWNER: Perfect, thank you!

BREEDER: To start, you will need a female(average minimal cost 3000 and up). Also, a male(average minimal cost 3000 and up). You will need to show them to their championship to show they meet the breed standard (Minimal 300 each with travel & fees). You will need to do genetic & health testing on them, which averages about 550+ per cat. Raise and provide daily care, feeding & grooming for 1,5 years. (So a minimal 150 per month)

POTENTIAL OWNER: But I don't have that much money...

BREEDER: For 800, you can raise a litter for me and then keep one of the kitten. Obviously, you also have to pay the cost of whelping & care.

POTENTIAL OWNER: I can do that.

BREEDER: OK, so I have a female due to whelp in 2 weeks. You will need to be available 24/7 around the clock for at least 14 weeks to help with delivery and care. Possibly tube or bottle-feed kittens every 2-3 hours if the mom is low on milk the first couple weeks.

POTENTIAL OWNER: Fourteen weeks?? It's way too much time for me! I have to work.

BREEDER: You will also need the reproductive vet to do X-rays (200-500), possibly progesterone testing(75-250) & a C-section(1000-3000), and initial vet care on the kitten until old enough to be placed. Kitten vets exams and two sets of vaccines (200 and up, depending on how many kittens are in the litter)

Have on hand a scale, thermometer, latex gloves, sanitizer, absorbent tissues, scissors, hemostats, heating pad, whelping box, blankets, cleaning supplies, appropriate food with supplements for mothers, formula, medications & hand feeding supplies in case of emergency...

POTENTIAL OWNER: But I don't have all these things!

BREEDER: For 1000 you can buy them.

POTENTIAL OWNER: Ummm .... You know, I think it might be better if I just buy a kitten.

BREEDER: Wise decision.

For us breeders there are no vacations or holidays; while you go to visit with family & friends, we are home at our cats' side caring for them. It is a no breaks commitment.


When you choose a professional, you don't only pay for the kitten but also: Tools, knowledge, experience, love, time, sacrifices, etc.

I asked permission to repost from the individual that had posted it and she said she didn't write it and could not remember where she got it but we were more than welcome to repost.... Thank you Drew!

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