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        Regional Winning Supreme Grand Champion

                    MyLuckyStars Akahana's Engoni


Sire: Champion Islandcats Triton of Dawntreader

Dam: Champion MyLuckyStars Akahana's Cassiopeia

Color: Blue Tortie

The meaning of Engoni in Greek (where her grandmother was from) is granddaughter. We chose this as a tribute to Akahanna being that she had the sweetest nature of all cats and her granddaughter was beginning to show that same nature. The great thing now is Engoni has her grandmother's temperament, intelligence and beauty and her first litter produced that same soulful personalities!

The comparison in male to female can be pretty drastic and we all LOVE that big huge male! Because of this it can be a challenge showing a female, not to mention the challenge of showing a dilute color (blue tortie). All that being said, by 12 months of age Engoni earned her Supreme Grand Champion, Best Blue Tortie Internationally, and 2nd Best Maine Coon and 14th Best Longhair in her region. She is so much fun to travel with and loves the adventures we go on when showing so she showed again this year. The 2019-2020 show season saw the achievement of our goals for her. Engoni was ranked Internationally the 14th Best Maine Coon. She placed as the Best Maine Coon, 11th Best All Breed (she will receive a second Regional Win for that) and 5th Best Long Haired in our region. Her final show was in Chorpus Christi where two of her kittens (a red boy and blue girl....there is a theme there!) joined her in what was their very first show. Looking forward to see what they can do while mom enjoys homelife!

Her first experience with mother hood was amazing! Her mate was Ch. CandyCoons Prince Harry of TuftsnTrills. Thank you so much to Deborah Kinsley for offering this mating and allowing this beautiful litter to happen! The temperament of both parents really shines thru! 

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